Avian 2016

"Reach out to a kindred interconnection of a DNA coding inherent within the forgotten strands of essential mankind".

Presenting a sequence of works exploring our relationship to the native bird species of N.Z. suggesting a similarity in character trait and circumstance alluding to a 'bi-nature' effect. Images draw attention to the physical alterations and adornments we commit our bodies to through practices such as piercing, scarification, tattoo and implants. Suspended figures drift by perched from a hoop, an apparatus required to maintain altitude and remind us of the physical restriction we face as earthbound bipeds. The pared back colour palette renders an ethereal, dreamy quality and suggests to the viewer that to connect wholly with the works, one must delve deep.

oil painting of a woman with feathers suspended  by her elbows in the sky by a hoop
Conteporary painting of a woman suspended in the air wirh eggs on hair
Oil painting of a woman suspended in air with hawk hood and feathers
Oil painting of a man suspended in air with Huia feathered tail
Oil painting of the top and turn of submersion
Oil painting of a woman suspended in air with hawk hood and tail feathers
Blind Faith
Oil painting of a Woman with hawk hood and feathers for fingers
Light Touch