Grand-Land 2008

Painting of woman surrounded by bee hives by Liam Barr
Queen Bee

101 x 84 cm, Oil on Linen 2008

Maori woman share cocktail with native birds by Liam Barr
Queen of King Country

122 x 91.5 cm, Oil on Linen 2008 

Kids riding box car past the dairy, based on my upbringing in Lyttelton.
Ten Cent Mix

101 x 84 cm, Oil on Linen 2008

boy on trike and tiki figure in box car pair off on the street by Liam Barr
Bee Box & Tin Lids

121.5 x 167 cm Oil on Canvas 2008 

Tiki figure standing in Lake Brunner looking at dragonfly by Liam Barr

101 x 84 cm, Oil on Linen 2008 

Tane Mahuta lord of the forest oversees his empire, painting by Liam Barr

101 x 84 cm Oil on Linen 2008 

Taniwha and Kiwi meet and hongi in greeting, painting from Liam Barr
Taku Tūrangawaewae

76 x 183 cm Oil on Canvas 2008