Lore & Behold

Katherine Mansfield, tattooing her own chin with typewriter limited edition

61 x 50.5 cm,
Oil on Linen, 2013

"I love the rain tonight, I want the feeling of it on my face" Said to be the last words Mansfield spoke as she made her way back to her quarters at Georges Gurdjieff's Institute for the Harmonious Development of Man, Fontainebleau, (9/1/1923). Tuberculosis brought about her untimely death at age 34 and closed the chapter but opened the book of a woman who struggled relentlessly against the social parameters of the day. Her journals, letters and short stories charter that indelible struggle and we are the richer for it.

Painting of Maraea Morete, champion of the Early Salvationist movement.

61 x 50.5 cm,
Oil on Linen, 2014

Christianity is salvation by the conversion of the will; humanism by the enlightenment of the mind. Amiel. Maraea Morete's (Maria Morris's) young husband was murdered by Te Kooti's associates. Maraea nearly came to the same fate but narrowly escaped. Her story was one of revenge (falcon) of Te Koooti (kaka) and she roamed the land in his pursuit. Impoverished, she walked into Gisborne and joined the Salvationists, this led to her own salvation and ulimate forgiveness of Te Kooti (inverted hand gesture). The claddagh broach ref: Maraea's irish parentage, Maori iwi - Ngati Porou & Te Aitanga-a-Mahaki.

Te Kooti Arikirangi Te Turuki (Gisborne, c. 1832-1893) Rongowhakaata iwi.
The Upraised Hand

61 x 50.5 cm,
Oil on Linen, 2013

Te Kooti Arikirangi Te Turuki (Gisborne, c. 1832-1893) Rongowhakaata iwi. Guerrilla fighter, leader of men and the founder of the Ringatu religion (The Upraised Hand). After escaping from penal exile in the Chatham Islands, Te Kooti and followers exacted a number of murderous raids upon settlers and maori in the Bay of Plenty region sparking a huge tho' unsuccessful manhunt throughout the Urewera. Eventually pardoned (1883) he continued to spread the Ringatu message and fight for the return of appropriated land.

Painting of woman standing on a floating piano while her house burns
Memento Mori

75 x 60cm,
Oil on Linen, 2013 

In a time when infant mortality was commonplace, photos were often taken of the deceased to honour their memory. Here the woman blinded by her grief delivers all to ashes and escapes ultimately and knowingly toward her own demise.

Lothario sits at home with his dogs, meat and memories by Liam Barr

121 x 101 cm,
Oil on Linen, 2013 

Appearances can be decieving and don't always tell the story of ones true personality. Here the lothario relaxes in his simple abode reminiscing somewhat bitterly on more lavish times. He regretfully acknowledges his best years, now behind him are as much comfort as a cold cut.

River Goddess (Wahine Atua) guides the eel to the sea oil painting of a woman nursing a horse on her lap
Spirit me gently to the sea

83.5 x 71 cm,
Oil on Linen, 2013 

New Zealand's endemic Longfin Eel are becoming evermore scarce in our rivers. Here the River Goddess (Wahine Atua) guides the eel to the sea so she may have the chance to breed. These eel can live to over 100 years and can weigh up to 24kg.

Four related women holding implements of protection as they stand over their domain
Brides of None

76 x 91 cm,
Oil on Linen, 2013 

Pity us not the clergy man, We four are not for falter, Feared not by fire, nor brimstone, We'll not be yoked by halter. For wedded we shall never be, We are the brides of none.

Painting of woman being tattoed by Huia as the last of their species
Requiem for the feathered

102 x 137 cm, Oil on Canvas, 2011

To the last of your species, your kind, your kin, your feathered folk of brothers. You sink your song with ink to skin to scribe the pain of others. She cares nought, tis worth the pain, aquiver and ecstatic. For one as her, curse'd lost, who'll wrest a thrill at any cost, she notes the tone hieratic.

Painting of a woman smoking a cigarette on a hillside with foot on a sheep gazing into the distance

85 x 98 cm,
Oil on Linen, 2013 

Solace in the time which passes, tranquillised by solitude, last inhale of afterglow, 'fore nights embrace it binds, this summit of silent souls.